Social Studies

The chair’s history was connected with a formation of a Pedagogical Institute – the first Institute in Karakalpakistan.

In 1962-1963 years Dr. T. Izimbetov had been at the head of department who defended a thesis in a year of 1962.

The chair’s possibilities were expanded with an opening of the Karakalpak State University. Many teachers and researchers staff from our dept. made their dissertations within the framework of postgraduate in such cities as Moscow, Kiev and Tashkent. At those years our chair has been headed by well-known figures for our country. Among them doctor of philosophy, honored scientific worker Mr. Khudaibergenov, in 1979-1985 – honored worker of education of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, docent M.Yakubov, from the beginning of 1985 year – prize-winner named after Beruny, honored scientific worker, doctor of philosophy, Prof. P. Seytov. 

From the 2000 year this chair has headed by doctor of philosophy and honored scientific worker A.Berdimuratova.

In 2007 year on Dr. Berdimuratova’s own initiative for the first time was introduced bachelor degree on philosophy. Nowadays philosophers are prepared on a base of the world philosophy and spiritual heritage of karakalpak people.  

Concerning students on philosophical specialty (code-number 5120500) are taught special courses, referring to all other specialties on bachelor are taught philosophy, ethics, esthetics, logics, sociology, theory and practice of the democratic society, national ideology. Finally, master degree students study the methodology of scientific creativity, national ideology, social and economic development strategy in Uzbekistan – all of them considered as the courses of Social science department.

The chair’s teaching staff carry out scientific research in a direction of “Development concept as philosophical basic of the Independence of Uzbekistan”, “spiritual development of karakalpak people”, “Civil society’s institutions forming and development”.

The chair closely collaborates with foreign scientific communities and educational center like Budapest Central European University, European University in Saint Petersburg. Furthermore Dr. Berdimuratova took a part as performer in International scholarship program is “Scientific- research practice” that treated to Samarkand University master’s students. This special course was put into the practice for Karakalpak State University’s students as well.

The chair has own position in the fields of philosophical and other social sciences on a national scale. There were organized several Republic scientific and practical conferences as fallow

–        In 27-28th May of 2005 on issue “National Independence Ideology: perspectives and problems”;

–        In 27-28th November of 2009 “Issue of the day of Philisophy”;

–        In 24-25th November of 2011 “Philiosophy, national ideology and uprising of youth”;

–        In 26-27 April of 2013 there was “theoretical basics of the biological species and climatic change problem” that organized jointly with National University of Uzbekistan.

For the purpose of the training for scientific pedagogical personnel and increase the research skills were conducted following research works:

– 1997-1999 “New outlook formation of population and national independent ideology concept”;

– 2000-2002 “Forming the National ideology by providing with social engineering as the new type of social technology”;

– 2000-2002 “Philosophical and methodological basics of stable development of Uzbekistan”;

– 2007-2011 “Philosophic-methodological aspects to forming of environmental engineering in Uzbekistan”.

         Above-mentioned project names have been the winners of different kind of competitions. As a result of the projects in 2012 it was published monograph by Dr. Berdimuratova known as “Environmental safety and civilization development way of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the term of global security system”.

It is important to point out that is regularly carried on philosophical-methodological study groups named “Philosophy” and “young politicians” which activity make for research and methodological skills development. At the head of Dr. Berdimuratova has been created “Debate center” in order to form students-leader group at the University. In these study groups special attention is given to spiritual-educational activities that form the correct worldwide among youth. It is essential to treatment the new methods and mechanisms of the basics sense of spiritual science application for students mind. Every year the teaching staff prepares the students for the following competitions as “Uzbekistan is my home country”, “I am a son of the country with the Great future”, “friend of mine I have a speech to you….”, “testing of a mind”. They are celebrating every year between institutes of high education that as result are seats of honor.     

In addition in Dept. is worked sociological research laboratory that survey the problems of education as a monitoring and introduction of advanced innovations at Karakalpak State University.

 The department contributes in improving of teachers’ activity results of high and secondary special educational system in making of modern pedagogical technology and information system on social science subjects and their application into the practice. Dr. Berdimuratova has managed for “creation of the electronic study aids in Karakalpak language on social sciences for high schools of Karakalpakstan”. For the first time it was created electronic textbook under the name “Philosophy and problem of topical interest of the contemporaneity”.

This department has been recognized as methodological base for other departments of high and secondary-special education establishments in Karakalpakstan. The department had made an outstanding contribution to publish teaching aids in karakalpak language. Under the authorship of Dr. Berdimuratova first time were established “Logics” (Nukus.2004), “Philosophy” (N.2007), taching aid “Methodology of scientific creativity” for masters (N.2007), teaching aid “Philosophy” (from the experience of problem teaching). Also there ware done “Philosophy” (2010), “Esthetics” (2010), “Philosophy of environmental safety” (2012) and the textbook “Logics” (2012) in Latin graphic.

Moreover there are publications of Prof. M. Yakubov known as “Terrorism and religion extremism – dangerous for humanity” (N. 2002), “Avesto – cammon to all mankind value” (2008), “Spiritual and ideology – source of strength”. Also there are “on a base of President I.Karimov’s work” (N.2011), Dr. Berdimuratova’s monograph “Philosophical-methodological analyze of ecological crisis on the threshold of XXI century” (Tashkent-2008), docent’s Sherniyazova’s monograph “Democracy and political culture” (T.2008) serve as educational sources for students.

In department a special attention is given for using of the new informational and pedagogical technologies in a process of a teaching.  Teaching staff for the first time have treated teaching aids on philosophy, logics, ethics, esthetics on a base advanced informational technology, where demonstrated self-work scenarios. On request of these teaching aids were done multimedia projects on some special theme of subject “National independent ideology: basic notions and princips”.  \

The department closely collaborates with mane faculties and departments in a sphere of spiritual-education of Karakalpak state university including different communities and organizations of the Republic of Karakalpakstan. Also teaching staff actively participate in educational activities. They have participated with arguments and opinions on next TV programs like “Spiritual culture”, “Social policy”, “Youth” organized by local TV Company. Teaching staff occasionally publish their articles on such newspapers as “Karakalpakstan news” , “Karakalpakstan’s youth”.

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Berdimuratova Alima Karlibayevna was born on November, 23rd, 1965 in Nukus, the Republic Karakalpakstan. It is the Karakalpak nation, higher education, the expert in philosophy and political science, the Doctor of Philosophy, the professor, the honoured worker of a science of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, the head of social studies, a member of the Academic council of the Karakalpak State University. The Scientific and pedagogical experience in total is 28 years. The head of special examination board from professors and teachers of the Republic of Karakalpakstan and the Khorezm area on a theme «Economic, social, political both spiritual bases and scientific bases of construction of a democratic society (works of the President of Republic Uzbekistan of I.Karimov)». The director of the Regional centre of science of the Republic Karakalpakstan created by Presidium Zhokargi Kenges of Republic Karakalpakstan at the Karakalpak State University. The teacher of the Republican centre of propagation and spirituality propagation at the Council Dzhokargi Kenges of the Republic of Karakalpakstan.

A.Berdimuratova actively works in educational, scientific and spiritual spheres. In the course of  modern pedagogical technologies, multimedia projects, videoclips and presentations are used. On the basis of grants of the international organisations of A.Berdimuratova of the first in the Karakalpak Republic who has createdan electroninc textbook under name “The Philosophy and modern problems». She is the author of more than 120 scientific works, including 2 monographies, 10 textbooks, 6 educational-methodical grants and scientific articles.

He has won the fundamental research project under the name «Philosophical-methodological aspects of ecological safety of Republic Uzbekistan in global system of safety» which the monography «the Way of ecological safety and development of a civilisation of Republic Uzbekistan to global system of safety» has followed. Now it is the leading candidate for four researchers. Actively participates in the international and republican scientifically-practical conferences. At the initiative of A.Berdimuratova in the Karakalpak State University on actual problems of national ideology  and ideology scientific-theoretical and practical conferences, the collection of materials of conference for the first time have been organised.

At the initiative of A.Berdimuratova for the first time in the Republic of Karakalpakstan at the Karakalpak State University there has been formed degree of the bachelor and there begun the  formation of the Karakalpak philosophical school. It is in constant contact to scientific communities and the educational centres of foreign countries. In this direction it was responsible for the international innovative educational grant for reception of degree of the master at the Central European University in Budapest, the European university in St.-Petersburg, Samarkand and Karakalpak State Universities. A.Berdimuratova has wide experience of work in higher education sphere, possesses high organizational potential in the decision and the decision of specific targets.

She is a the good organizer of mass actions among students. She has an ability to follow young women and men. Under her management under the aegis of university competitions and other competitions on a theme «My Native land», «I am a great nation of the future», «My dear friend, I am saying…» are regularly held and students take prize-winning places.

A.Berdimuratova has wide experience of work in higher education sphere, possesses high organizational potential in the decision and the decision of specific targets. The person who can incur responsibility for the justification of a situation and acceptance of cardinal decisions. Members of chair, students and a university command are ready to talk to all who comes to it because she is a knowledgeable, modest and carefree person. It shows all, that she is a respected person in a society.


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Yakubov Mahsutbay Ashirovich, the candidate of philosophical sciences, the senior lecturer. He was born on January 1st, 1937 in the city of Hudzhayli. In 1960 has ended phisical-gynecologic institute of the Karakalpak State Institute. Since 1960 he worked as the dean of the Philosophical Faculty (1973-1976), the lecturer,  the senior lecturer, the teacher of physics and mathematics. In 1964-1967 at the Moscow State University spent excavation on internal aspect where it has defended the dissertation on a theme: «The Dialectic logic and autobank and mycotic protectorate of object and the physicist of quarantine». In 1971 he has been renamed into the senior lecturer. It was the first head of University of the Organization of the Incorporated Mutations (1976-1979), managed the chair of philosophy (1979-1985). Since 2011 it the professor of the chair. He has more than 230 scientific articles and 2 monographies. .








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Alimbetov Yusupbay Jumamuratovich, the candidate of philosophical sciences, the senior lecturer. He was born on March, 27th, 1946 in Chimbay region. In 1968 has graduated from the Kazakh State University on the Speciality: the philologist. In 1997 has protected the master’s thesis on a theme «Interaction of a nationality and general humanity in a way of life of the people of Karakalpakstan». He published more than 100 scientific articles. He also worked as the teacher at the Karakalpak State Pedagogical Institute, then the teacher, the senior lecturer. He served as the military officer in 1968-1969, as the astronomer in Philosophical institute of Academy of sciences of Soviet Union during the period from 1973 till 1977. Since 2005 works at the Karakalpak State University as the senior lecturer of social studies. .









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Sherniyazova Gulnara Uteniyazovna, the candidate of political sciences, the senior lecturer. He was born on May 23rd, 1959 in Nukus. In 1982 has ended Nukus State University. Her speciality – is history. In 2001 has protected the master’s thesis on a theme «Problems interlocking democracy and political culture of the Republic of Uzbekistan». She published more than 40 scientific works. She also published 1 monography and 2 textbooks. At the Karakalpak State University in 1997-2003

The senior lecturer of chair of the theory and practice of construction of a democratic society in Uzbekistan, in 2003-2005 Worked as the senior lecturer of chair. Since 2005 works as the senior lecturer of chair of social studies.          









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Kamalova Hatira Sabirovna, the candidate of sociological sciences. She was born on November 17th, 1956 in Nukus. In 1981 has ended Nukus State University on the mathematics. Since 1997 works as the scientific employee in Scientific research institute of problems of Aral sea in Karakalpakstan branch of Academy of sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan. In 2000-2004 passed training in Cybernetics Institute in Tashkent. In 2004 she has protected the master’s thesis on a theme «Social monitoring in the Republic of Karakalpakstan». She has published more than 20 scientific works. From 2005 works as the teacher at the Karakalpak State University. In April, 2012 Nukus branch of Tashkent PI on a competitive basis has been selected by the head of department of the theory and practice of construction of a democratic society in Uzbekistan. Since 2014 it works as the senior lecturer of social studies.









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Makhsetova Mekhry Kabulovna, the candidate of historical sciences, the senior lecturer. She was born in 1965 in the city of Nukus. In 1982 gradyated school № 1 from Nukus with a gold medal. The same year she arrived on Historical Faculty of the Karakalpak State University and graduated from it in 1987. From 1987 till 1990 worked as the teacher of history at school № 1 in Nukus. From 1990 till 2014 had worked as the teacher of political science at Nukus State Pedagogical Institute, the senior lecturer, the senior lecturer of the Chair of the Theory and Practice of Construction of a Democratic Society in Uzbekistan. In 1995 protected the master’s thesis on a theme “Historical bases of food”. The senior lecturer of Chair of National Ideas, Spirituality and Jurisprudence bases. Since 2014 works as the senior lecturer of Chair of Social Studies at the Karakalpak State University. In 2002 she was she was given the title of the senior lecturer. In 2006 Karakalpak state educational districts the rank «National achiever of Uzbekistan», «Badges of the people of Uzbekistan». She appropriated 1 monography, some methodical grants and more than 50 scientific articles.

Also the tructure of the department includes G.Kutimova, A.Muhammadiy